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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Why and What If

February 19-21, 2010 will be the 17th CFC Singles for Christ International Conference in Davao City. Since this is done yearly, I have prepared for it since last year,

The registration started in October and of course, I was among the early registrants. It costs Php1000, but regular registration costs Php1200.

Second semester came. I enrolled for Epidemiology 201 and Biostatistics 206. The classes began and as I looked at the dates, I almost died: The 2nd exam for Epi falls on February 20. As per University rules, absence in an exam can only be allowed if the student got sick, with a medical certificate at that, or there is death in the immediate family or in a crucial health condition.

Still, I attended the classes religiously. I have never been absent.

Joe bought plane tickets for us. We were to leave Manila Feb. 17 and I would return on the 22nd. Fortunately, the President declared Feb. 22 as a holiday. it meant more leaves in the office for future use. I already filed for a forced leave last week.

I mustered enough courage to see the course coordinator for Epi. She was also my teacher for Biostat. I asked if I could just take an advanced exam or a make-up exam. We were allowed that in college, since I was also in the UP system. I have taken an advanced exam before, because my best friend and I have to go to a CFC Youth for Christ International Leaders Conference, We were classmates also. But she said the conditions. Otherwise if I miss the exam, I will get a zero for that. I have computed that to pass the course (attached file).

I do not want to lie that I was sick, and certainly I do not want the other two situations. Besides the guilt would haunt me, since I am a good Catholic and a leader/ member of the CFC Singles for Christ.

If I take the exam, will I be able to concentrate? Will I pass it? Though I really have to focus on that since it will mean that I am letting go of the conference, and also being with my God's gift.

If I take the exam and pass it, will I be able to pass the course? Will I be able to finish my MS?

If I do not take the exam, that means wasting Php3,000 pesos for the subject, plus the effort of studying, answering, reading, going to school wherein I have not been absent nor late.

Since we have plans that I will be going to PNG as well, I might not be really able to finish the MS, provided I get a work there. That means reaching MRR (maximum residency rule). I can still study, but that means re-enrolling all my subjects.

However if I do not get a work there, I have to return here to the Philippines and continue my MS and my work.

Yet I do not know how long I will stay here, though Joe wants us to live there.

How secure is my future? Only God knows.

So I am asking: Can God make one Saturday before February 20 a no-work, no school day? That means January 30, February 6 and February 13. I am thinking of a lot of possibilities. The President will declare an additional holiday which will be Saturday, or there will be heavy rains and flood up to the waistline along Taft Avenue ONLY from Friday evening until Saturday afternoon. Anyway, the streets there are easily flooded. Or other means that man or God can make.

But as I said, God can do anything,

The next question is: Will He?

Proverbs 19:21 (New International Version (©1984)
Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the LORD's purpose that prevails.

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