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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Call for Life

I was at the Las Piñas District Hospital yesterday for some personal business. After doing the task I decided to drop nby my neighbor's office. While searching, I came across an anguished mother. I thought her child died. Then I learned that my neighbor transferred room. Upon passing by the same route...I saw a dead body wrapped in blanket from head to knees...chilly. It was the boy.

While waiting for her in the social services department, I heard a lot of stories from the patients and employees...I learned more about the people living in poverty. I proved that even if the patient is dead the body cannot be brought out of the hospital if there are still payments to be made. I also heard that a new born infant was abandoned by her mother, she being a 19-year old.

The hospital is located in an improved slum area as it was transferred aroung five years ago. Behind that is a dumpsite. When I got out I can horrifyingly sense the malodorousness. How are the patients supposed to recover immediately in that manner? Calling the attention of the local government of Las Piñas, supposedly the cleanest and greenest city...


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