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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Days of Ponder

Since I have been home for two weekdays, I was able to tune in and be updated on what's going on, especially on the street demonstrations and impeachment proceedings.

The nation knows that the justice report did not gain favor. My friend told me that those who agreed were paid PHP10M while those who did not care PHP5M. That is a lot of money. For me. But considering their ranks and honor, that is little. Besides our nation is relying heavily on foreign debt and GMA has the guts to have that money???So far the e-vat is on the negative. This is good because we are earning less than sufficient, and e-vat means more tax...more tax to corrupt and misuse.

I was focusing on the conditions of the education but after four pages it felt like crap. Who was I fooling anyway?

The countrty is not on the verge of collapse. It is already collapsing.

Why am I still here? I am talented and intelligent.

Because I still have dreams...I believe that my ideals can someday be real.

BUT if I have the chance I will leave.

I am confused.


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