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Wednesday, September 14, 2005


We heard mass at the Manila Cathedral and much to our suprise, the church was filled last Sunday! It turned out the the Manila Chapter is celebrating the feast of Our Lady of Pe├▒afrancia a week earlier than it is supposed to be in Naga. I should be crossing one of the pews since it was not yet filled but this woman tried to barricade me saying that someone is seating there (ah typical hateful Filipino attitude). I snapped back saying I won't sit there. After all I was just checking the other side...

The mass started half an hour late. Some politicians were there including Mayor Lito Atienza. It was a concelebration, I was not able to see how many bishops and priests were there. Honestly, I cannot remember the homliy. I can recall that the beshop was preaching about the snap elections but his words did not lead to anything. That was a bit good considering the the 11th of September is the natal day of my greatest hero-Ferdinand Marcos and I do not care much about the 9/11 incident.

So there the mass ended at past 8pm! Forgiveness...forgive the unscrupulous leaders of the world. Forgive the irresponsible citizens. Forgive ourselves and not forget, for these are lessons that we learn in life.


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