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Friday, September 02, 2005

No to Hospital Privatization

I read in the papers last night that GMA is displacing the Fabella Hospital and the Lung Center of the Philippines. Instead she signed that these will be located at the LCP and will be called National Women's Medical Center, with East Avenue Medical Center staff taking over.

My reaction was gaga pala sya, inggit lang sya. I could not help but say these things.

Then her next steps would be the Philippine Heart Center and the National Kidney Institute.

I guess she does not have all these organs. Government hospitals established by Imelda Marcos provide the best care at a reasonable price for private individuals, and those that cannot afford are subsidized by the government, and even the lawmakers (congressmen and senators). They have the best technologies and equipments too. The medicines there are affordable. Outside mine can be bought for more than a thousand pesos but at the LCP it is less than that and it means much to me.

If we are to be concerned about the employees, they are the real heroes. They receive a measly amount for their services. Who called the OFWs heroes anyway? Because they bring dollar to the country's reserves and persevere with the pain of being away from their loved ones? Stupid. We are the heroes, we are sticking to this poverty-stricken and corrupt country to help others.

This is not a case of rationalization. This is a case of selfishness and pure enviousness because she has nothing that can be proud of.

We do not need a women's medical center. If she wants that then let her create one from the ashes, not from something existing.

I wonder if she is thinking of PGH too.


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