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Friday, March 18, 2005

Film: Binyag

(Thesis by UP Masscom students. Setting is early 1990's yet the film was made in 2002)

A baby was being baptized. With blood.

Then the dreamer, a mother woke up. She looks at the time, past 1 am, and still their son is not yet home. She worries even if the husband calms her down. She tells him that their son will be a godfather two days from now.

Outside, a teen-aged boy walks frightened by something. Or someone.

In a police station there is a new policeman assigned. He is being teased that those who are afraid to make rounds just stay in the station the whole night and uses the typewriter. They are referring to the old man.

Later they make rounds and they found the boy, accused of being a drug dealer. They torture him, beat him, so that he will spill who the supplier is. He does not want to talk at first but being very hurt, he tells them. They continue punching him, kicking him, and the newcomer was given a rope to tighten around his neck. He does not want to kill him, but he is under pressure.

Meanwhile, the mother continues to pray. It is now 5am.

The boy dies.

Around 8am, the new policeman assigned to the area comes home. He makes his mother's hand touch his forehead (known as mano) and she offers him breakfast. She tells him since he became a policeman, there was never a night that she did not worry.

The son goes to the altar and prays.


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