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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Simple Examples of the Red Tape

1. I went to DOH infirmary yesterday for some lab exams. I got there at past eight and was entertained at past nine. Duh? Office hours start t 8am. The janitor told me "ma'am maaga pa naman." I replied "Maaga? Mag aalas nuebe na noh." Goodness my left arm is darkened and aching because the woman who drew blood for my CBC and ABO must not know how. I blurted that to the walls. I was saying "ouch, it hurts" when she pricked me with the needle. Out of the numerous CBCs I had, that was the first time I got hurt.

2. After that I proceeded to Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center (JRRMMC), the flaghsip hospital of the DOH, for my neuro-psychiatric exam. I was told that it would be two months before I get the result because they lack psychiatrists and need to be scheduled and I am not their priority. They advised me to go to the National Center for Mental Health which is in Mandaluyong. I got mine at a PGH accredited psychiatrist. NCMH is so far and fare is expensive.

3. For drug test I went to the NBI At the entrance I was only told that the Chemistry is at the second floor. At the entrance I was told to get an ID at a certain department. Then they asked me to get a visitors slip at the entrance. I went at the entrance and they were not issuing such but rather another department beside the ID releasing. I went there and requested that they put a flowchart at the main gate so that people would not get confused. I then had my slip, then my ID. I went to the Chemistry and they instructed me to get a form in front of the office releasing the ID. You could imagine how tired am I. On top of that the rooms have no name and number which are instantly visible and the NBI building is large...Then I have to pay at the third floor before I will be given a container back at the second floor.

At least PGH and the Philippine Tuberculosis Society (PTS, where I had my chest x-ray) did a good job.


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