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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Singles Weekend Retreat I: Emotions

I could not say no. There were four household heads forcing me to attend. Hahaha. My hh head and three others. They were "blackmailing" me, telling me that I can absent myself from one French class because this weekend would be more than worthy, that this is a one in a lifetime event, that they would also be paying at the risk of being unpaid for their jobs, Blah blah blah. So there I said yes two Thursdays ago.

But all these days I was telling him to attend to. He needs it. I know he has financial problems. That is my cue. Hahaha. Anyway I am not alone in paying for him...I have my own angels, our friends.

The retreat was not the usual one. We were filled with talks. Imagine Talks 1-5 were on Saturday alone. Talks 6 and 7 on Sunday. I will not discuss them for the sake of the others who would be joining too, as this is a surprise and filled with a lot of emotions: both happy and sad.

Saturday night, we had a Lord's day. There should be cheering and a presentation of the talks 1-4. Best supporting actor and actress went to mansanas. The best actress was in dalandan and best actor in Papaya. Our saging team won the cheering. Papaya won the presentation.

I had this feeling to complain about the food but I was able to control myself. hehehe.


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