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Friday, September 23, 2005


Last night I was so happy because I will be going with him to St. Jude. After the mass and novena we went to SM Manila since it was already 8:30 and mall hours are until 9 only. He purchased a teddy bear and a card. I told him to buy this certain bear and he said it looked like a lazy bear and besides it has no eyes (because the fur is hiding the eyes) and I joked don't you want it to look like you since he has chinky eyes. hahaha. I know the girl but have forgotten her. She turned him down before. He was saying we're not meant for each other. He was driving fast that we beat two red lights and the other lights are all green. I don't know but he was thanking God for being with us and no I am not going to have motorbikephobia because I know we are always safe. ..Then we went to Sto. Domingo for the CLP since I had to meet someone and it was also his plan. After finding out that the people who were supposed to sign the card were not there, he left and returned a few minutes later. The eagerness that I saw in him when we were going to the mall and Sto. Domingo was gone. The girl is in Pampanga. We asked our another sister the process at the airport so that he could give them to her since her flight to Dubai is at 11pm. When I left he was still so sad. Surprisingly I should be not feeling good after the incident, taht I should be happy since she is leaving, but then I am also feeling sad...


Blogger Ardythe said...

He went to Mexico Pampanga that Friday at 4:30 am so that he could give it to her. Sheeessh. I am happy for him.

October 05, 2005 11:28 AM  

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