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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Unprofessional and Unregulated

The license for nutritionist-dietitians is good for three years. Mine expired last July during my birthday. Therefore I went to the Professional Regulation Commission yesterday so that I can renew it. All that was needed was cash, the old license, and a picture with the name tag. I think they are really making those photoshops earn because who would reuse a picture with a name tag? Anyway they believe in security. The Civil Service Commission also has that. One picture should be pasted in the application form. Lo and behold! There was no paste in sight. Why? Because they are also making money from pastes...Before one can just see them anywhere, like in the post office. They were selling the pastes at PHP3.00 and they are small too, you know like those chinese pastes. In reality we can buy them outside at PHP1 only. I filled up my form and fell in line at Window 16. I waited for more than an hour just to have my requirements checked. Then at Window 15 I paid the cashier PHP480 because the surcharge was PHP30. To my surprise and utter dismay, I had to go back to Window 16 so that the person at the counter can check the claim slip which was attached to the form. Duh? I had to spend another more than an hour in the line! A lot of people were really complaining but I guess the PRC employees do not heed that anymore because they hear that everyday and every hour. Why cannot they add another counter? Come to think of it there is no information counter inside the building They have one upon entering the gate and that is all. One lady really had an audible voice and even said that we are paying taxes and we should be served better. True. We are not merely taxpayers but also we are paying these fees for our licenses. Why cannot they implement a systematized flow? The lines were already converging. The area is not conducive for waiting-it was not well ventilated and we had to stand for almost three hours. If they say that has been the way it has been done then they are dumb! On raising the fees they easily approve but with serving the people better they cannot.


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