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The name Ardythe:good war (Anglo-saxon); flowering field (Hebrew); spiritual prosperity (Swedish); Norwegian goddess.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Greatest Woman in My Life

She has quite a temper. She wants things done the right way. She does not always acknowledge her mistakes.

Yet when you are sick she worries so much and takes care of you that you come first before anything else. She wants you to tell the stories of your life whether you just watched a movie, had a project, or did some community service. She wants you to weigh things before finally deciding. She molds you to be a responsible individual, just as she is even if those tasks are not for her benefit. She is quiet and never makes a scene. She has her own weaknesses and sometimes breaks down but most of the time she is firm and strong. She can be sweet when she wants to. She is humble and appreciative of the people around her. She is musically inclined yet hesitant to show it to others. She would give in for something that you want, even if it meant taking what she wanted. Most of all, she has an extraordinary faith in God which she has inculcated in the family.

Because she loves you.

She is the greatest woman in my life. My mother. On her birthday today, I honor her more than I do everyday. I have never been embarrassed to tell her that I love her, or be expressive of my feelings.

Because we never know what and when are God's plan for us.


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