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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Cine Europa

1:00 PM
23-Sep Un honnêtte commerçant (Step by Step)
24-Sep L' Auberge Espagnole (The Spanish Apartment)
25-Sep Twinni
29-Sep Liever verliefd (I love to love)
30-Sep Villa des Roses
1-Oct Extranjeras (Foreign Women)
2-Oct Millions

4:00 PM
23-Sep Villa des Roses
24-Sep Kroko
25-Sep Millions
26-Sep Twinni
27-Sep Knoflikari (Buttoners)
28-Sep L' Uomi in Piu' (A Man Not Wanted)
29-Sep Trolösa (Faithless)
30-Sep Un honnêtte commerçant (Step by Step)
1-Oct Mortinho por Chegar a Casa (Dying to go Home)
2-Oct Koirankynnen Leikkaaja (Dog Nail Clipper)

7:00 PM
22-Sep Millions
22-Sep Twinni
23-Sep Knoflikari (Buttoners)
24-Sep Liever verliefd (I love to love)
25-Sep Extranjeras (Foreign Women)
26-Sep Un honnêtte commerçant (Step by Step)
27-Sep Koirankynnen Leikkaaja (Dog Nail Clipper)
28-Sep Mortinho por Chegar a Casa (Dying to go Home)
29-Sep L' Uomi in Piu' (A Man Not Wanted)
30-Sep L' Auberge Espagnole (The Spanish Apartment)
1-Oct Kroko
2-Oct Trolösa (Faithless)

10:00 PM
23-Sep Koirankynnen Leikkaaja (Dog Nail Clipper)
24-Sep L' Uomi in Piu' (A Man Not Wanted)
25-Sep Trolösa (Faithless)
26-Sep Villa des Roses
27-Sep L' Auberge Espagnole (The Spanish Apartment)
28-Sep Kroko
29-Sep Extranjeras (Foreign Women)
30-Sep Knoflikari (Buttoners)
1-Oct Liever verliefd (I love to love)
2-Oct Mortinho por Chegar a Casa (Dying to go Home)

Free admission at the Shang! First come first served. Symposium about the European Cinema at 11 am Cinema 1.

Un honnêtte commer­çant (Belgium) by Director Ulrike Schweiger

Hubert Verkammenm a suspected drug trafficker and murderer, is being interrogated at the police station. A fascinating interrogation play between the inspectors and the suspect leads up to an unexpected climax.

Villa des Roses (Belgium) by Director Frank Van Passel

Paris 1913. In the Villa des Roses, a small boarding house, the arrival of the new maid, Louise brings about a welcome change, especially to one of the male guests, Mr. Grunewald. A bittersweet story about the other side of love and romance.

Knoflikari (Czech Republic) by Director Petr Zelenka

If you’ve always thought of Czech films as being downright weird and impossible to follow, then go and see Buttoners and surprise yourself. Sure, it’s pretty offbeat and surreal, but with its hilarious dialogue and visual jokes, combined with the way it all fits together so neatly, Buttoners is actually very easy to watch.

Koirankynnen Leikkaaja (Finland) by Director Markku Pölönen

The basic story is simple. The main character is Mertsi, an idealist, who even went to war as a volunteer and returned crippled. His overwhelming idealism transforms into a small act – that of clipping a dog’s nails – and becomes an obsession, and in the end – fails. The world may bite but life goes on.

L’ Auberge Espagnole (France) by Director Cédric Klapsich

Xavier (Duds), a young French economics student getting his first taste of the rest of Europe moves into an apartment in Barcelona with a group of other European collegiates, including guys from Italy, Denmark, and Germany and girls from England, Belgium, an Andalusia. Together, the septet share a series of adventures which include some budding romances.

Kroko (Germany) by Director Silke Enders

The 16 year old Kroko, better known as the Queen of the ‘hood and her’ girls have nothing better to do than to terrorize the neighborhood. When she’s placed into a home for disabled people by the juvenile courts, she becomes the object of her friends’ mockery. The new situation forces her to look at life from a different side.

L’Uomo in Pui’ (Italy) by Director Paolo Sorrentino

Naples in the 80’s. Two men with the same name, Antonio Pisapia, are famous and successful: one is a pop singer, the other a soccer player in a Major League team. They have nothing in common except the name and a destiny of failure and disillusion, when their professional and personal life suddenly collapse. At this point they meet only once by chance…the finale is intriguing and unexpected, proving the ability of the young director who is currently considered Italy’s most promising author.

Liever verliefd (The Nethrelands) by Director Pim van Hoeve

A romantic comedy. Anna is a young woman in her early thirties. When her lover Dirk (a doctor would you believe?) breaks up with her because he wants to give his marriage a chance, she totally freaks out. For her, no more men. Never again! Ever!

Mortinho por Chegar a Casa (Portugal) by Director Carlos da Silva and George Shizer

Fantasy fun drama “Mortinho por Chegar a Casa” portrays a Portuguese immigrant in Amsterdam, who is killed in an accident to awaken in a cemetery as a ghost. Realizing that the only way he can find peace is to have his bones buried in his native land, Santu leaves for his hometown to seek help from his family.

Extranjeras (Spain) by Director Helena Taberna

The documentary film Extranjeras shows the diverse aspects of the lives, hopes, and experiences of various immigrant women living in Madrid. A fresh and different look at the social phenomenon of immigration in contemporary Spain.

Trolösa (Sweden) by Director Liv Ullmann

The emotional and riveting drama about the three adults caught in a love triangle and the resulting devastating consequences. Written by Ingmar Bergman, adapted and directed by Liv Ullmann, Faithless is a loosely based on a true episode in the life of the Swedish director.

Million (UK) by Director Danny Boyle)

A week before Britain converrs to the Euro, a railway heist goes wrong and millions of pounds sterling land at the feet of the two young boys, who then set out on an adventure of a lifetime, and eventually learn that true wealth has nothing to do with Money.


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