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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

A Streak of Silver in My Life

My Family

Although we have some, not all dysfunctional relatives, I am proud to say that my family is the best. I cannot wish for another one. I have a faithful and diligent father who is often ill-spoken by other people because of envy. I have a patient and caring mother. My sisters are my closest and true friends, in terms of lifestyle, values, a lot more things, even if we have our differences. They have been supportive of me in my endeavours. When I fail, they discourage me so that I can rise up. Pretty weird huh? But it works.

As a child, I have been taught discipline. No jaywalking, no littering, follow the rules. Simple things that I carry on till now. The importance of being punctual is deeply inculcated in me. They used to tell me that for every unkind word or deed, they are the ones to be blamed. In time I have molded my own character. They allowed me to assume my individuality.


I have had lots of jobs. There were some I enjoyed for what I did, and some for friendships. Still most of them for both reasons. Some of them brought me tears and taught me lessons...Some brought injustice upon my innocent self, as I am surrounded by dishonest and unscrupulous officemates. Still I held on to my principles.

There are only a few things that I want in a career: share my passion for continuous learning, provide ample time for other activities, and bring me a sense of fulfillment.

I have my target companies...my ultimate dreams: United Nations, Department of Science and Technology, San Miguel Corporation, and Nestlé. Recently I have decided to take the FSO so I better improve my French. I plan to pursue my graduate studies and get degrees in MBA(Masters in Business Administration), MPA (Masters in Public Health), or MPH (Masters in Public Health).

Love and Relationship

I am smart, beautiful, and kind-hearted. It's just that sometimes I do not care how I look. What is deep within is more important.

Like any normal person, I get a lot of crushes, I fell in and out of love. There are a lot of differences and hindrances between two people, and when things do not work outm then it is time to move on. I have been asking God for this almost every day if I do not forget...yet I believe that He has plans for me.

Aside from Congressman Gilbert Remulla (I have had a crush on him for more than five years), Cogie Domingo, Paolo Bediones, I admire someone. After all, it is not hard for me. What attracts me first are the eyes, the scent, the fragrance, and most of all the good character of a person...

Insight on the Country's Situation

These are merely glances. Otherwise I have no idea when I will be finished.

We have more than enough dishonest leaders. Definitely we do not need more. They have their own schemes to be where they are now-terrosism, vote-buying, etc. Then they just idle their time away, spend the tax-payer's money, and have a very convenient lifestyle.

Only a handful have been true to their calling. Yes they still exist. It makes me wonder how they won. Yet I see them doing their duties, They do not waste their tenure and our money. They are our civil servants and serving the people is what they do best.

As a private citizen, I pay my taxes since it is deducted from my payroll I hate to see infrastructures which are not fully utilized or utterly useless. I do not want to see a waiting shed constructed through the efforts of a senator. Disgraceful, since it should be a project of the barangay captain or mayor. I despise the excessive use of beautification and lights. What also pisses me is that the Coastal road has been servicing us for more than two decades yet those who started this project used the people's money. Now the toll fees have been increasing exorbitantly.

It is not that I hate to see the poor. I hate to help those who do not help themselves. All they do is beg or steal. No difference from those in the higher classes who steal from the poor or from their same kind. That is why we are advocates of Gawad Kalinga.

I am not into any form of activism and demonstrations, even if I came from a school notorious for such. I believe that both sides should broaden their knowledge and understanding, and widen their perspectives. The adminsitration wants the best for the majority, and criticisms are needed to weight things out.

I hate litterbugs, cheaters, pollutants, religious folks who feast on other people's lives (I have been involved in this for so long and I am thankful that I am not like some of them. Self-righteous?). I hate pretenders.

When I was a child, I told my classmate that I will not leave the Philippines. She reminded me not to say unfinished words. Now I find myself longing for a foreign land, away from the corrupt and undisciplined people. A land wherein talents and abilities merit what they should. If martyrs like me will stay here only two things can happen: be role models and others will emulate us, or be crushed by this rotten society as we are unable to rise up from injustice.


I have spent 25 years already. I know I have left a few imprints, but I can make more. As a matter of fact I know how my death rites will be, but how will I die, that I leave to the Creator although I do not want to die violently or bloodily. Hahaha.

When I die, I wish for a building, school, hospital, or main road to be named after me. A foundation will do. Crazy? I just want a legacy.


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