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Monday, July 04, 2005

President Evil

Susan Roces was so angry. I heard her, although I did not see (because I was sick with fever I could not watch tv). They claim she is the spark for another revolution so that GMA will step down. So what if the President has decided to exile her husband? Real exile means being deprived of all the rights that a normal person could have, including communication and the comforts of a lifestyle. I am 100% sure that Miguel Arroyo will not be able to attain that. Besides he's back today, after using the people's money to travel to and from Hong Kong. He must had a grand time since July 1 was a holiday there. Besides he should have not that luxury, as I call it, because he still has a case with jueteng, and that is like trying to escape, as what his son did, taking a congressional leave.

Friends are now enemies. I heard Loren say "magiging katawa-tawa siya" referring to Vice President de Castro. A lot of people believe he is not capable of running the country, and I am definitely one of them. I have not even heard him speak in English. They say that the constitutional rule that the VP will be promoted to President can be an exemption for this case. I strongly disagree with this. In fact, both of them should step down if that would be the case, because I am sure that De Castro admits he is not the one who can run this country.

Demonstrations are sprouting like mushrooms. Yet these are falling on deaf ears. The economy is the one which is suffering, especially the peso. In this time of crises, the investors are afraid.

Everyone has something to say about what is happening. But the decision only falls on her.

The title is not mine, I saw this poster along Morayta last Thursday on the way to my doctor,, and GMA had snakes on her head, like Medusa. It has been lifted from the computer game Resident Evil. Funny, even if I am sick, I still think of our country's status. I know it needs people like me...


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