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Monday, July 11, 2005

Different Stands of the Nation

The Nation has been in turmoil. A lot of speeches has been given by President Arroyo. Some people have been asking her to resign, including Former President Aquino. People from Cebu said Metro Manila does not reflect the position of the country. Barely. Those who rallied at Ayala Avenue only caused heavy traffic. so what if some business clubs want her to step down? She still has a lot more supporters. Times of crises are really the basis of who your real friends are. Yet, Former President Ramos does not want her to. She has been elected the President. Sure Philippine elections have never been fraud-free, and it is not new to us. We did our job, we exercised our right to vote, and we have been cheated. Others may have filed the recount and so forth. Other people are urging for a re-election, but this is another expense of PHP4M. Besides, will there be no cheating involved here? The Church is clamoring for a peaceful means. The military is just feeling the nation's voice. GMA has asked her cabinet members to resign Thurday night, and some of them did. I say those who did are incapable of doing their job. If they love it, they should be performing their duties well even if the nation is on the streets. Take note that we are not talking of the entire nation. The country is divided into four: those who are urging her to resign, those who do not want her to resign, those who do not care, and those who are praying for a peaceful and calm country. If GMA resigns, will her successor be able to fulfill the duties of the President? Some people can be so shallow, that if they do not want a leader, they decide to overthrow him or her. If this would always happen, then there can be no political stability. The people are not ALWAYS the one who is right. Sure GMA has been a leader by the second People Power, then elected as President. She has the capability to lead this nation, to make this nation great again, as Former President Marcos did.

Surprisingly I found myself in tears when I am in the mass last Friday and yesterday. I have been praying for national recovery, even before CBCP called for it. I wish...

I am not necessarily pro-GMA. I did not vote for her, but she is our President and she weighs things before making a judgment.

When I was a child, I told my classmate that I am not going to leave this country. Things change. I do not want to live in a country that is not fair, whose leaders are ultimate failures, where my talents and service is not given the proper compensation and utilization. However I still have faith and hope.

What I hate now is that some citizens are waiting for the weakening of the peso. See how selfish they can be? Even if my friend is one of them, although we were speaking about the yen. So I told her I despise people like you who are speculators, who want the downfall rather than the strengthening of our currency. And she fell silent.


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