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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Eve of my Natal Day

I went to Evan's house at past 5 pm. We would be getting my favorite pancit canton in an hour. She asked if he would not come, will I still be happy? I said yes, because you were there. But I would be happier if he is there.

Before 6 we went out and it began to rain hard. Gee my shoes and lower torso was soaked. We went to the Food Corner and my pancit canton was not yet cooked though Evan ordered for it at 4 pm. She was getting impatient so I entertained her. We took a tricycle instead of walking back to her house. I waited while she bought ice cream and Coke.

Some friends arrived. I saw my crush on tv (Gilbert Remulla) then more came. Marose gave a a huge, and I mean huge bouquet of roses. She said she wanted him to hand it to me but she was not able to text him. Still a few people followed. Others who came were Jean, Cathy, Jowa, Joe, Alvin, Melvyn, Third, and Cacai.

We ate, we drank a little, we feasted on the cake and the pancit good for 18 persons were devoured. Cacai was the dishwasher, because we were to attend a facilitators' training for SAGIP and SIGA at Sto. Domingo.

He asked who's gonna ride with him on his motorbike. They pointed at me. He drove slowly, because he has only one helmet and I was holding the bouquet and an umbrella because it was drizzling. I liked it that we were slow. Hahahaha.

I left my bag with Evan so I was not able to comb my hair and he offered his. I declined because my hair is still fine (thanks to his slow driving hehehe and my shampoo Rejoice Complete and Johnson's baby shampoo with gentle conditioning formula.) Besides I am not into borrowing things.

Sometimes I wish his smile will be with me forever, as he gave me more than a million reasons to do so.


Anonymous Mich said...

Belated Happy Birthday Sis!

July 29, 2005 7:24 AM  
Blogger Ardythe said...

Salamat. hahaha tampo yung email ko sa egroup ng Haribon anoh? hehehe.

July 29, 2005 10:33 AM  

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