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Sunday, March 06, 2005

TV Marathon

Yesterday afternoon I watched Tarzan on Disney channel. Since I turned on the TV when it was almost over, I switched to another channel, showing Tom and Jerry but found it boring. More channel surfing.
There was a pep squad competition on Studio 23. The contenders were St. Scholastica's College in Manila, Assumption College Makati, Poveda Learning Center, and Rose Hills Institute in Antipolo. St. Scho did good, but somehow I did not find their costume very nice. AC was really good and they had a lot of steps and different stuffs. Aside from pompoms they also had ribbons. They also wore skirts and their shorts bore the initials AC. Except that during the finale, one student should be standing on the knees of two individuals who were standing on the palms of other Assumptionists. Poveda was the champion last year and I hate their costume. They had a lot of tumblings. Rose Hill, well, they had one striking move. They had a more dull costume than Poveda. SSC and RHI tied at 2nd runner-up, AC students were crying that they got first runner-up and Poveda won.
Change channel.
At IBC, Joel Torre was hosting A Legacy of Heroes: The Fall of Bataan and Corregidor. The Japanese were good in the logistics of both air and sea. USA left the Philippines to aid Britain, and to quote from Quezon, "How typical that they anguish over the fate of a distant cousin while a daughter is being raped in the back room. The defenders were strong, except that in the final days they lacked reinforments, food, and medicine. They continued to uphold the barriers of Bataan. Even if the Japanese devised a lot of propaganda against USA, the Filipino and American soldiers still fought. General Homma was the main commander of the Jap troops and he knows how to keep his soldiers win the battle. In the meantime, Gen. McArthur left, turning over hte fate of the country to Gen. Wainwright and Gen. King. Although there was much moral support, the soldiers need aid and when there was too much fatality on our side, Gen. Wainwright declared that Bataan has fallen. During the interview, while the veterans recalled this, I can feel the sadness in their eyes and hear the dismay in their voices. Then the Death March. Corregidor still continued the battle and the Japs used more tactics and skills. Until Corregidor too, could fight no more. I have admired Gen. Homma before, and hated Gen. McArthur because he was not even sure if he would return, thus the word SHALL.
Change channel.
Stardance on ABS-CBN. Need I say more?


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