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Friday, January 21, 2005

It Ain't Over

The new lay-out for the ground floor of our workplace has been approved.

I'm at the center. It means I have to limit my chatting to YM and MSN. I cannot chat in ICQ anymore, at least durong weekdays at the office. Checking my email and bulletin board posts? Blog posts? I will not stop these. These are the necessities of my life.

One thing I really hate. I'm seated beside a person that I do not like. Ugh. She has such a bad attitide. Chismosa, inggitera, manlalait, masiba, nagmumura... Pardon me but she will be getting her fifthe memo for being late (since last year, our company issued that all memos are to be carried over). I wish...

Bad Ardythe.


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