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Saturday, January 15, 2005

The Battle for Consumers

It never ends...

There is this beautiful Coca-cola advertisement wherein the girl sings Sana...I do not know her but I think she is Nina. Pepsi's ads are good worldwide, but they do not advertise that much. Hah! (Except of course for their commercial with Jericho Rosales.)

Globe is trying to tie up with Smart as the former has a new ad. Really nice. One problem, the voice over was Sharon and she does not sound good. Well sure she sang beautifully. but now as she talks...Smart's ad was very good! Although I hate Heart and Jasmin Trias.

ABS-CBN and GMA is the real war. Here are the facts:
GMA-Eat Bulaga has no equal. I like the Sex Bomb dancers when they dance, not when they act. So lame.
Endless Love Series did make it high in the ratings, but they just got the idea of chinovelas from ABS-CBN
Starstruck is just an idea from ABS-CBN.
Mike Enriquez is hateful, and so is the obesity of Jessica Soho, though I like her. I despise Love A–over. Exag.
Anime here are the best.
Their stars are pinagswaan na.
Reality shows suck.

ABS-CBN has more beautiful buildings and has a chopper (they are rich!)
In Chinovelas, they started it with Meteor Garden. It really was a top-grosser, even the actors there made a lot of appearances here and made a lot of money too from their endorsement (Mexican telenovelas? RPN did the best than both these networks.)
ABS-CBN was the original in the search for stars using Star Circle, way back in the early 1990's. They just did not televise it before.
The anchors and hosts here have more etiquette.
They can really make you shine if you have the potential.

Wishes: I wish they'd stop dubbing the english cartoons into Filipino. It's okay to dub Nihonggo into Filipino.
I wish they would move the late night shows like Pipol to an earlier timeslot like 10.
I wish they would lessen the teleseryes.

(to be continued...)


Blogger JAm said...

umm... hindi si nina yung nasa coke commercial.

napansin mo ba yung isang girl dun? yung naka-red na may kaaway na lalake (marvel of single)? taga LB yun a...†

January 17, 2005 4:21 PM  

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