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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

After the Holdays

After the holidays I know I am in for a more pressured day: the clients ask us to do what we can do. No, it is not ask, they are pestering us and pressuring us and demanding from us and threatening us. I was like in an oven yesterday and of course doing what they wanted requires just one thing: money.

When I got home I felt so tired that I do not want to do anythign except eat and sleep.

But then some things just make me feel good.

I was walking home and I saw that the Cathedral was more illuminated than usual. I know how many lights they have but I never imagined that they have more.

Then other people also texted me. I invited Alvin, Adel, Ronald and Francis for a dinner today but they were all booked. (Adel and Ronald have been pretty thrifty these days, Alvin has to go jogging as part of his basic mountaineering course and Francis is working at Libis). But what made me feel better was that Francis texted Love you and as his friend, I replied I love you too. To my greater pleasure he said I love you more. I am really sweet to my friends. Even forwarded quotes make me happy.

And I'm so cool today. I know I have to monitor the release of a lot of shipments today. CJ has been sending me messages through YM. I said before that we are friends. On top of that I signed my appointment paper as a regular employee.


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