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Thursday, December 23, 2004

The Polar Express

I went to SM Manila last December 21 to watch The Polar Express. To my dismay, they have a cinema holiday. Last night I went back to accompany my friend and then we watched it.

It was a film about the spirit of Christmas. Seeing is believing. Or is it? The film is full of suspense on how they are gonna make it to the North Pole. I can feel myself holding my breath.

Do you believe in Christmas? Do you believe in Santa Claus and the elves and everything that is supposed to happen to make children receive their gifts? I never imagined that the North Pole could be that busy and high-tech! You can only see Santa and hear the sleigh bells if you believe.

Believing isn't seeing. Sometimes the real things in this world are those that cannot be seen.

What was lacking in the film? It was that the children believed in Santa but the real meaning of Christmas was not there, which is the birth of Christ the Messiah.

Anyway, the film was superb, in characters, in actualization, and in message.


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