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Thursday, December 16, 2004


I average 50 emails a day in my Yahoo! account alone. Yesterday I got 42 in the morning and there were 24 more in the afternoon. Must be because we have a lot of activities in SFC. Today there were 30+. Yet I never complained about those who send lots of emails. So why is it that some people do? Because they are not me. To think that I have been sending more or less 10 every month. On the contrary, I am amused by those people who have been active in sending emails. They make use of the resources they have.

I belong to 6 Yahoo! groups. Two similar groups are the ones who have been complaining. Why don't they tell me? Why do they have to ask someone to tell me? Such cowardice. And hypocrisy. if they have been complaining for the past 6 months, then why don't they just change their settings and not subscribe to receive individual emails., read from the archive/website? Don't they know how to do that?

I've been wanting to post this last Saturday, But I had to find the less harsh words not to spark another war between me and them. Or maybe of they have read this, then so it will be.


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