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Monday, December 20, 2004

Unusual Weekend

I went to our President's wake and stayed there till 10:30 pm Friday night. When I arrived my mom asked who was at the door and my dad Si Ardythe sarcastically. I later found out that my youngest sister should be at home at 9pm. I did not report to work last Saturday because I had to go to Laguna in the afternoon. In fact, I slept all day last Saturday, after breakfast and after lunch. I decided to leave before 4pm. Traffic was really heavy. From our house to Las Pi–as, travel should be only 10 minutes but it took me more than an hour. I was in Alabang 30 minutes later and bought a gift at the Metropolis, since it was the mall nearest the expressway. 6 pm , I still could not get a bus ride and then I decided to take a van instead. We left at 7. Of course, traffic was awesome at Calamba that I arrived at past 8! (Imagine, total travel time should be less than two hours alone.)

Cirio was alone at the resort till I came. We had a little talk and then a few more minutes the resident members of Haribon arrived. We had supper first. The food was nice, except for the adobong manok had soup! I told them that whoever cooked it will fail HNF 11! Goodness! Later on Dondon came. Oh how I missed my batchmate! He hugged me and we chatted for some time. (Dondon is known for not being expressive with his feelings, so I really appreciated that.) He immediately shelled some money, Php500, for drinks! Then there was a program among the members. The alumni were the jurors. (Actually, it was I alone who was giving them the score, the rest was just telling me who's better.) We had some games to. Mummy-making was just a waste of tissue paper, to think that we are an environmental activist group. I was not in favor of the team that won because their mummy was only covered from the head to the waist, and one of the teams had everything covered except the head, and the last team, except the feet. There was also this game called suck and blow (I've been playing this since highschool) which evolved to bite and bite due to conservativeness. Another game was I dare you and the participants' names were drawn. I was among them and luckily it was mild. Last of the games was roll the calamansi in a team of 4 members (I do not know how is this called) . I played this game last year and we used quail eggs. (Alvin was my partner.)

I saw that Mell and Dondon had Angels and Demons (and that was the time that Frank's name got mentioned. We have the Da Vinci code and Angels and Demons in a PDF file in our pc at our house.)

After that, videoke time! I managed to sing 3 songs in the night. Complicated got a score of 99, Runaway 95, Closer You and I 95.

I slept at past 1am even though the videoke apparatus was just outside our room. I told Mell that we'd wake up at 3:30. I set my alarm and woke up at 3:42, meaning my alarm was unattended twice. I asked Mell why he didn't wake me up, and he said that he got up early. Mell seemed to know the way so we went off with other members. Then we went back and asked for directions. Out of nowhere, Cirio suddenly appeared and asked for directions back to the resort. I even teased him if he wants to hear the mass. (Cirio is an atheist.) The chapel was really small and we were outside and it was barely audible and it was really hard to concentrate because of the talking crowd and passing vehicles but I managed to hear it anyway.

After the mass we went back to the resort and sang Dreaming of You 97 and Missing You 95. Oh, I really get good scores at the videoke. hehehe. All this time Cirio was waving his banner of Globe autoload and was shouting AUTOLOAD to all of us, including those who are sleeping the rooms. (He got drunk from his other organization, coz no one was at ours). What really made me laugh was when he entered the third room and cautiously opened the screen door, the main door, very slowly, and waited for a few more seconds,a and shouted AUTOLOAD! I was watching him the whole time. Our breakfast was sopas and contrary to the adobo. this one dried up. No one admitted who the cook was.

We left at past 6am, after the photo signing etc. I went with Mitch and we were almost asleep at the bus though I really wanted to finish the movie You Only Live Twice, a James Bond featuring Sean Connery. Travel time was unusually fast. I was home around 8 am. After breakfast I was really sleepy but I restrained from dozing off because I have to watch Lovers in Paris (hehehe). After that I slept till past 4pm. That's the only time I had lunch.

In the evening I heard the anticipated mass for today.

Based on the email I got this morning, Dondon was wondering why no one got drunk. Well who would? I had a taste and it was very very diluted, like water. And I am very sensitive to alcohol taste and intake.


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