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The name Ardythe:good war (Anglo-saxon); flowering field (Hebrew); spiritual prosperity (Swedish); Norwegian goddess.

Monday, December 20, 2004


Different church in Laguna

It was hard to concentrate because the chapel was already filled and we were outside. Here are some insights that I would like to share.

The presence of the angels with humans is a symbol that God guides His people. (Angels are genderless.) That is why we have Gabriel and Raphael. Gabriel is God's messenger. He (I'll use the masculine form) is the one who told Mary that He has chosen her to be the mother of His Son. He also told her about Elizabeth, her cousin, believed to be barren, is six months pregnant. Mary is a Virgin, so how could it be? With the grace of God, everything can happen.

Nowadays, there is no such thing as an Immaculate Conception, and it is a shame if a bride is bearing a child.


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