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Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Novenber 13-Alabang Town Center: I met my blocmate. She said there was a sale. Well, I bought a Dong-A gel pen. And we spent more time eating and window shopping. Of course we also browsed at National Bookstore, reminiscing our student days. Another blocmate was there and she was coaxed into treating us an Ice Monster. hehehe. We gushed over cute guys and admired a group of teenage boys who were of differend races yet bonded by friendship. During the evening we spent our time at Powerbooks. I went home at 8:30pm.

November 18-Robinson's Place, Manila: I treated my mom and my sister to a supper. Then we browsed for some books. I waited for one if my YFC sis because I'm returning her book. Too bad that she was too lazy to get out of their house alone. As were cooling ourselves, I people-watch, because I was facing the alleys. There was this cute foreign family, with a baby hanging from the dad. The baby is like in a knapsack and is very tiny. The son almost cried for no apparent reason and his mom talked to him and he was appeased immediately. We identified who lives in the tower. Talk about being rich yet without a real place to stay.

November 20-Metropolis: My blocmate said they were having a sale. The guards there should be sacked because I asked three of them if there's an establishment like Island Photo or Kameraworld and they said none. I soon found them though. While waiting for my passport pix, my blocmate poured her heart out.

November 20-Festival Mall: Sale! After all, Metropolis and Festival are Robinsons' malls. After window shopping for hours, I was able to find the perfect shoe! We asked the Customer Service where the pet shop is. I could remember that it was near an exit. He said that we turn right at the next corner. True enough, there was Penshoppe. hahaha. We returned and he said that he thought it was pet shop, and gave us the right directions. As we were walking away, my blocmate said: What a waste. He's so cute yet deaf. Before we ate, we met my YFC sis whose book I was supposed to return the other day. Then more window shopping. Too bad, I was not able to search for a good blouse.

Seems like I have been neglecting Southmall (15 minutes away from our house) for the past few weeks, to think that it is 4 minutes nearer than ATC from our house in Cavite and Manila, and 5 minutes nearer than Alabang. Next weekend, my schedule will be filled with Christmas parties and gimiks.


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