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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Hair Care

A lot of people spend a lot of money to maintain their crowning glory. Yet, these chemical treatments are what makes the hair go brittle and lose their shine.

My hair length varies friom the middle of my ears up to the area between my shoulders and waist.

When I was a child, my mom shaved my hair. She told me it was too thin. After that it was better. I use mild shampoos. These are commercialized ones. One is a baby shampoo. No kidding. The other is a regular one but I dilute it with water because some ingredients can be harmful for the scalp and hair. This is one of the reasons why some go bald. Of course I comb it whenever I feel that the need arises. I do not apply gel or any cream. My aunt said that coconut milk is good for the hair. This lets the hair maintain its natural color, thus reducing, if not preventing gray hair.I have not tried this yet but sometimes I apply baby oil or coconut oil.

About haircuts, it is definitely a plus if you have a favorite hairdresser. Sometimes the hair can be finicky.

Avoid doing harsh things to the hair like too much exposure to the sun or blowdrying it. If there is a need to blowdry, make sure that the blower is at a distance from your scalp. In this manner, you can also avoid the excessive heat emitted by the blower.

Remember: Natural is more beautiful.
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Blogger ting-aling said...

I'm glad you feel that way. I haven't had highlights in my whole life and my husband loves it that way. My daughter doesn't go with the fad either. She must have gotten it from me, huh.

November 26, 2004 2:48 PM  

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