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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Orange day

I did not notice it until I went outside, walked a little to get to work.
Then it occured to me:
I am wearing an orange blouse. Well it is checkered with yellow lines. This blouse is really cute and cool. Sleeves? 3/4.
Then I noticed that my lunch bag, bought when Bicol region was featured in WOW Philippines last September, had orange as the predominant color, though it also has pink and violet.
Next was my hanky. I am particular my my hankies so I stick to one brand because of the feel. Yup, it is pink, but it is also checkered woth white lines and yellow ones and of course, orange.

No, orange is not my favorite color. It's just one of those days when my wardrobe becomes one color coordinated. I have no idea why.

And for the guys, the reason why girls take a long time to do shopping is that we want the best of everything. They gotta look and feel good. They should also be within our budget. And when there are lots to choose from, decisions must be made. No, I do not consider shopping as a sport. I want it done as soon as possible.


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