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Thursday, November 25, 2004


I've been chatting for years. I forgot the nick that I first used. This time I chat using two nicks. One is a good nick and the other is a nice nick. I chat in two rooms. In one, anyone can enter, and on the other, exclusive (you can only join upon invitation. I'm close with the people here.). This is simultaneous, so if I change my nick it applies to both rooms.

With the first one I do not get a lot of chatmates, yet I am able to discuss a lot of things in the room. These are interesting ones. We are persistent. We talk about the weather, the economy, the trends, and languages. There is a strict rule that we use English.

With the other nick, a get a lot more chatmates. Others are serious, like those that I chat with when I am using the other nick However, I get to chat with other kinds of people. These people do not chat in the main room. They chat with me privately. Out of courteousness, I entertain them. But later on they get to be boring. They ask me a lot of things. And they type things that should not be typed. If you know what I mean, they discuss about cybersex. And it bores me out. I am not interested in this. One of them (ho is not actually one of them,just a friendly chat) even said the women from the Philippines like it very much, to engage in sexual activities (actual and via the net). I tell them not all, and he continued to ask why are there a lot of ladies (he used ladies) outside of the club. I tell them they are hookers. You got to educate this people. I think that FHM has something to do with this. Oh how I hate Asia Agcaoili even when she was just a contender in Single (and more despise when she won). If you are a Filipino then you know what is going on in the entertainment industry. Recently she defended FHM about making our beloved country the haven for such activities. Then she apologized but WTF!? The damage has been done.

I do not generalize and these people come from different countries. Of course not all my chatmates are like that. Some are serious. Even in private. I already know some of my chatmates. I have met them and these are the Filipino ones. And I can say that we display decency in the chat room.


Blogger Ardythe said...

to anonymous: I do not allow such offensive comments on my blog so I deleted it. Who the hell are you anyway? You are not brave enough to leave your name even if you posted a comment anonymously.

May 03, 2005 4:16 PM  

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