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Friday, July 17, 2009

Does It Count as 3 or 4

They say badluck always comes in 3s. I don't know if I had three or four. It's not really badluck. Just unfortunate incidents.

I was on my way to work waiting at the LRT station with my GG. We decided to take the next train since the current train was a little too full, (like LRTs are). The next train arrived. We were riding smoothly and was outwitting each other for the sequence of the Line 1 and Line 2 stations. Then as the LRT crossed the Pasig River, the lights went out, then on, off, on and off and so on. The aircon was turned off. It was getting a little warm. After several minutes, the train was able to reach Central Terminal My GG got off at his point of stop. The train was stuck for several more minutes. When it moved, it was so slow. Upon reaching UN Avenue, it stopped, with doors open for several minutes. Some passengers already got off, thinking that it would not be resolved immediately. Some passengers stayed and some new passengers got in. Then we were asked to transfer train. I thought, how could it be possible, when the train is stuck?

I got off and down the stairs, I stopped, since people were slow-moving. Then, the plastic roofing of a make-shift store got too heavy because of the rain water, and viola, it poured on me. Good thing my umbrella was already open, but my hair got wet. If I really got that wet, I'd go home. Never mind if I would be running late.

I took a jeep. Heavy rains still poured from the skies. At some places, the areas were flooded. I was able to board the MRT without soaking my beautiful shoes. I found my location. While in the company, my GG called and told me that government offices were suspended due to the typhoon. Gee...

I finished my work just the same and boarded the MRT again. I thought the train would also experience some trouble, since there was no aircon. After a few minutes, the aircon was functioning. I reached my station but I could not get out of the ticket booth. It said that my ticket is rejected. I tried again. Failure. Then the woman behind me inserted her ticket, with me still stuck. I asked her to use mine. Still no success. She tried another booth, but to no avail. I told her I would accompany her to the ticket booth. I had paid only Php11 for the trip, when it should have been Php12. I gave a peso to the man behind the counter, and then watched the woman MY ticket again. It worked.

On the nasty side, she was so hasty to get out of the MRT station when it should be my turn, so it was her fault that both of us got delayed. I could have picked out an argument with her, or even left her.

Another train ride. The LRT was okay and I rode a tricycle since the streets were lightly flooded. Then I was home.


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