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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

The Hassles and Joys of Christmas

December 23

I left the office for the tribute to out deceased President even though I still had to finish a few more things. I want to finish them but my presence is also needed for the tribute. So we hailed a cab, and inside I noticed that I was still wearing my ID, an indicator that I did not swipe for the time out. So I ran up the stairs and my companion also did (she is my supervisor, and aside from that she also almost forgot her phone). True enough, though there was no second reading, I was the alternate for the prayers of the faithful (for the deceased faithful) because the one who was tasked for that refused to do so. And I could not find what I was supposed to read easily. Then dinner. The food was good but I tasted that the chicken still lacked a little more flavor. The veggies (chopsuey) was also overcooked. The buko pandan salad lacked cream. The beef stew was fine. That was nice.

December 24

I went to the office due to some unfinished task from last night. I only stayed Then I went to Southmall to get moolah from the bank. It was good that the bank was only up to 3pm and I arrived at quarter to 4, because that will mean that I will be only spending cash in my wallet and from the atm, not from those in my bank book. My mom asked me to buy a few items, 3 items, from the grocery and horror of horrors! I was in line at 4:22 pm, and was out of the cashier by 5:01 pm. I swear I'm never going to do the groceries again when it is the eve of Christmas or New Year for that matter.

As the night wore on we watched "The Debut," an internationally acclaimed film. It tells of a Fil-am who grew up on the States and disowns his culture. He also learned to appreciate that during his sister's birthday. We do not have Noche Buena on previous Christmasses because we eat during the day but my mom suggested that we have one, I think it did not differ much from our Christmas breakfast and lunch.

December 25

The day that we have all been waiting for. We heard mass and then breakfast and then went our usual way. We also watched Murder by Numbers. I got nothing from my wish list. But that's not bad, The spirit is here. I don't know how many people greeted me but I remember them all, and those I greeted.

December 26

I really had to go to the bank. I was running short of moolah and I definitely refuse to ask from my parents. So there I went and bought my medicine at Mercury Drug. While I was there I noticed that the man beside me was buying a lot of medicines which used to be my medicines. Asthma can really be costly. I am glad that mine is under control because of continued medication and lots of care. † However my maintenance medicine went up by Php75.00! I have to buy this every month too. On Mercury TV, it said that MSG (monosodium glutamate) can trigger asthma attacks. We do not use msg for our meals.

And oh, by the way, I also bought loaf bread since there was none in the house and I was like whining for it for two days! And more stuff.

Since I have been suggesting that we go to Greenhills to see the moving mannequins, only my mom was eager to go. My youngest sister was just so-so. The younger one refused to go but when I said I still have to do some shopping, it became a magic word! Off we went in the afternoon. I got my beloved 3310 a new keypad, my youngest sister a new housing for her 5210. And we bought some gifts. I bought a small hand for scratching the back, and my younger sister a keychain. My youngest sister was amazed at how low I can haggle. After that we watched the show for the moving mannequins. It lasted for 15 minutes and they have a 15-minute interval too. The show was about how the Filipinos celebrate Christmas. There was lechoning, visiting of relatives, caroling., games, and mass,. What really excited the audience was when the boy was aiming for the prize at palosebo (a game wherein the player had to climb an oiled coconut pole to reach the prize). I was amazed at how the statue of the holy family over the Church seemed like a silhoutte but it was not when the scene was about them. We had our supper around 9 and we ate Japanese food (I don't know why my mom hates Japanese rice) and I think I was really hungry because I had a third serving of rice! We got home at around midnight.

December 27

It felt like a Sunday but I was well rested. We just watched Silence of the Lambs. I am a Jodie Foster fan.


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