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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Insights on Jiro Manio

I have seen him on films as a child. Who can forget Magnifico? I am moved to tears every time I watch that, like so many times. I even searched almost all the malls in Metro Manila to get an original copy.

He was an advertiser of a milk brand.

I truly believed he would grow to be a wonderful child, son, friend...

Until one day, I watched an episode of rated K. Jiro is a teenage father. Suddenly, my world seemed to collapse. I was so sad. I am happy that he was happy, but I am sad because he failed in what I believed him to be.

The death of his mother truly made an impact on Jiro, on things that he cannot handle, on the problems that were not addressed.

Yet, I wish the best for him. I wish that he would pursue his relationship with the mother of his daughter. The host said "dating karelasyon" (former girlfriend), which, as based on those words, Jiro and the girl has lost the love that they shared, but I know they love Sisha. I look forward that they would marry and have a happy family.


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