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Monday, June 08, 2009

An Enrolled Student Am I

Since after all my experiences last week/last month, all my dull moments were spent pondering about my future, wondering about the coming semester, dilly-dallying about my health condition, blaming about the inefficiency of the UP Manila CPH and PGH. All the other free time that I had were also spent, on prayer.

I semi-followed my classmate's advice, to come at around 7:30am.I set my alarm at 5am, but woke up at 4am. By 5, I got out of the bed and prepared. I was able to leave the house before 6:30am. At 6:52am, I was already writing my name on the list. I am the 16th.

"They" arrived at past 7am, and to think that "they" would be "open" at 8:30am.

By 8:25, I went to UP health service in PGH. Last Friday, the nurses promised me that I would be the first to be attended to. Seems that they have forgotten that, and I did not bother to remind them. I was the 4th. From time to time, I would go out of the waiting area, since tere was no network signal there and I would text my colleagues. At 9:30am, the consultant arrived and the first patient got in. By 10am, my colleagues said that we have been called. I cannot do anything, I have to wait for him. He saw me at 10:10am.I sort of "pleaded' with him to sign my medical certificate, relating to him my agony just for me to be enrolled for the semester. He was kind enough to give consent, and I shouted "YES!" in his clinic. I gleefully proceeded to the nurse station.(In case that he did not allow me, I would not tell in this blog how I would pass by it,f or sure, him not involved, of couse. Hehehe.)

I went back to CPH, it was 10:30. I saw that the list was already on the 60s. No one was called. Then we were sent off to have lunch and be back by 1:30pm. I retained my number I just had to inform the guard.

It was already 1:50pm when I was called. Then we had to wait. By 2:00pm, I had my grades and paper for class schedule. I went to Dr. Rabuco and we discussed about it. at 2:15pm, I handed my sheet to the college secretary's office.Then we had to wait...for 1 hour and 55 minutes. Yes, I got my form 5 at 4:10pm. I had Dr. Rabuco sign and I "flew" to the registrar's office.

It took me less than 10 minutes to go there. I saw that the paying time was only until 4pm. We were not informed. I tried to talk to the guards, they said that they would be reprimanded. I asked the staff...these are young girls, and they would not agree. I said that I would speak to their officer. they closed the door in my face. How arrogant and disrepectful, to think that these were undergraduate students, and these students are working as student assistants, and they get paid for their job! I was asking nicely.I already got absent for 2 days for my physical and medical exam and then this? I was there before 7am and then what? The guard asked why we did not come early. I snapped that it was the college's fault, not mine.

Then I saw someone paying, and behind her was the guy whom the guard also told that they were closed. I fell in line just the same. The cashier did not say anything, she just asked the guard how many more are left through hand signal. So there! I like that cashier!

One of my colleagues commented that she thought that they have the worst condition. She was wrong when she experienced what we went through.

Now I just have to get my classcards from the college secretary's office.

The system really needs to be improved, involve service-oriented people who are considerate, and design an easier scheme. UPD and UPLB can register online. Why don't they change their ways? In UPLB I can register in 2 hours...not 2 days.

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