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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Year...New Things

I just cannot contain what I was feeling last night...It was a feeling that seems to overwhelm me...I was ecstatic but worried, yet I know, "With great power comes great responsibilities (Spiderman).

Being a unit head means I have a herd to shepherd...and these are the households heads. Though my role is pastoral, the friendship and sisterly bonds continue to grow strongers. Sure I will miss some of my ka-household who will be staying to my previous unit, but I have mine to take care of...take care more. Before, I thought that I would be a unit head when Baby gets married ahead of me, or when she goes someplace else.

Also, being in-charge of GK1MB was not in what I aspired. Yet I was given the task, and this task was appointed with prayers and discernment.
I know it is not easy - having to work and study, plus family life. Still I have to rely on my own and God's guidance. I know I can make it, because there are people who believe in me and love me.


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