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Friday, November 21, 2008


Last week, I enrolled in school. I did not get very good grades for the previous semester, despite Joe saying that I had to get 1s. Bleh. Anyway, that day was productive coz I had to do my inspection in the afternoon, as per the company's request, since there would be nothing to notice if I did it and no one was around.

That afternoon, I visited my ophthalmologist, a delayed visit in fact, since I'm supposed to see him May or June. He was happy with my results of vision since he performed a surgery on me May 2006. I had regained my binocularity and still do not need glasses again. He was not expecting that much improvement. A very rare case indeed, he admitted.

Then I went to visit the company. Like I never rested that day but I was happy I met someone new that I was instantly at ease with.

So what's next? Ü


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