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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Getting By

It's not really closing cycles, as what Che-ann had emailed and Baby posted on Friendster...It's getting by.

It's been more than five months...and somehow I remember him everyday. I can't help it. It happens when the mind is idle or when I am reminded of something that has any connection with him. I managed to remove some items but a part of him will forever remain in my heart. The heart may have been deeply wounded but all things will pass away. That is why my best friend is time. As it has been said time heals all wounds. I do not know when, but I have to go on with my life. I miss the way I smile and laugh and I was only reminded this week that I deserve to be always happy, because, as much as possible, I try to be thoughtful and careful not to cause pain to anyone, or anything.

As of now I can only pray for both of us...and maybe, in God's time, all things will fall perfectly into their proper places. Whatever happens, I am just on a journey.


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