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Friday, February 23, 2007

Days of Reflection

I am wallowing in my own cell, my only repose. It has been days that I have been half-happy. Although I appear normal, able to fulfill the tasks expected of me, and much more that I excel as always, I am not really that fulfilled. Some person has constantly been in my mind. It is okay as long as there are no aches being felt, and it pains me to know that this is the person I love. There are als implications on sleep and eating habits. Photographs do not lie. Even with smiles, because there are different ones.

Why are relationships a risk? And sometimes why does it pave the way to an end to a friendship which love started?

It has been years since I last got involved with someone. Although at first there was no proper closure, we were able to remove his excess baggage, as delivered during the third talk of the 2005 ILC at which he himself edited. On our way back to Manila, it was done. His famous lines were:

Love is a painful risk to take but the risk must be taken for only then will you experience the fullness of humanity and that is love.

To remember is either to be happy or to be sad.

To make mistakes is a thing that should be learned.

To listen and understand are gifts that take time to master.

To err is human, to forgive is divine (quoted by Alexander Pope).

During the 2007 ILC, I learned that there are twelve important words that one could say whenever they have an argument. Of course this involves humility and forgiveness, and the appreciation of the presence of that person, to make it known and real that you love him.

Another reflection that I had is that I should not question God everytime He calls us to serve Him, as we surrender everything to Him, all our plans, and our hearts desires.

To hope in the Lord is to trust in Him, to acknowledge His power and majesty. For God loves us.


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