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Saturday, August 05, 2006


I went to the Parks and Wildlife today. It's been 20 years since I last visited the area. A lot of things have changed. Admission fee is Php8 for adults and Php5 for children. Inexpensive. There are still a lot of animals. More animals in fact, because when they are captured, citizens bring them there. Aviaries and cages are kept with the help of partner corporations. Surely, the government does not have enough funds for things like this. I was there and so were a lot of students and common folks. The students were complaining that the animals' names were barely visiblet. Their frames were either broken or cannot be read, or none at all. I was thinking, it is not that expensive to have these animals named. I saw the lonely bearded pig. He is alone, and he could have been staying there all his life. I saw the different kinds of birds: parakeets, cockatoos, mynas, hornbills, serpent eagles, hawk eagles, and a lot more. I saw the reptiles: crocodiles, iguanas, bayawak, and pythons, There were a lot of monkeys. There were these cute animals which resembled both a bear and a cat. I just forgot the name. Before, I did not notice that there was a fish pond.

Gone are the swings and the slides. I remember that I even stepped on a carabao dung. Hehehe. The drinking fountains could not be called drinking fountains anymore because they were replaced with faucets. The main house was poorly kept.

In reality, the parks and wildlife does not need to showcase much animals. All that we need is the consciousness about our environment. If we only take care of our resources, if only man does not destroy the forests and other natural resources, if only man is not greedy, then we would not be seeing these animals in cages.


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