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Friday, August 11, 2006

Movie Review-Umaaraw Umuulan

The story is about Paolo (Ryan Santillan) a photographer who was rejected by the producers to have his script be a movie, since it was too heavy and not likely to be a blockbuster. That same day, he sees Rhea (Mariel Rodriguez) with another guy at a mall and was planning to break up with him because she does not see too much of him. That's too much for a day. So he sits alone in a restaurant on the night that he was to propose her marriage. The ring? He gave it at the mall. His friends take him to a bar to entertain him and was about to sing for him when he walks out and decides to end his life by driving his car recklessly. He did not die.
His aunt decides to send Berto (Herbert Bautista), his mute cousin, to take care of him. A few days later Paolo sees Lynette (Precious Lara Quigaman) and falls in love with her. He was not able to get her name nor number that night. He sees her waiting for the rain to stop one night. They decide to live together. Berto sees all of these and reminds him to take care of himself, especially his heart. Meanwhile, Paolo takes photos of Lynette and even makes love with her. All these made Berto more concerned. However, Lynette is not around when his friends are there so that he could introduce her. Unknown to Paolo, Berto wrote a letter to Paolo's mother. His mother comes to visit and Paolo wants her to know Lynette.
While buying food, Paolo sees Lynette and talks to her. Lynette says that's not her name and denies any knowledge of Paolo. Lynette's husband interferes (Ramon Christopher).
Heartbroken again, Berto decides to let Paolo read his diary. Paolo's father (Joel Torre) was a gambler so his mom decided to leave him. Bankcrupt, his dad commits suicide and Paolo was taken to the USA. He came back but Berto was worried that Paolo had invisible playmates. His mom sent himto USA for therapy.
After reading the diary, Paolo decided to commit suicide but Berto took care of him and Paolo's mother made him undergo treatment in the USA again. Six months later, while driving along Ortigas Center, he sees a mystery girl (Judy Ann Santos) and imagined he was kissing her. Berto saw her and approved. This time, the girl's for real.
The film was wonderful. I decided to watch this because Herbert was in it. Knowing him, he stars in quality films. This was not even advertised on tv. I saw it in the newspaper and thought about it. It makes you think. It does not present the mediocre of a love story.


Blogger Ampalaya said...

Hi ardythe. Is it still being shown?

August 30, 2006 7:38 AM  
Blogger Ardythe said...

BY the time you made this comment, the answer is no.

September 05, 2006 4:49 PM  
Anonymous Mitchteryosa said...

Just seen it in Cinema One. I missed the title and Googled it. Landed here in your blog.

January 05, 2014 7:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Same here. Just seen it in cinema one,missed the title,googled it and landed here.. great blog

July 06, 2014 8:47 AM  

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