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Friday, April 07, 2006

Oppressed yet Blessed

I forgot my wallet yesterday. I only had a coin purse! Yet the bus conductor allowed me to reach my destination. Hehehe. On the way I was texting my friends (thanks to unlimited text) if I can drop off by their place. No one replied so I just hoped for someone along Taft. I was lucky she was in the office, and though unable to read my messages, she gave me some moolah! Then Melvyn texted me if we could just hear the 6pm mass instead of 7. I was irritated (take note we'd be hearing mass) because I have been reminding him the day before and he was not responding so I thought that he would not go or either that it's okay. It turned out that something came up. I told him I'd be stuck in traffic, but he would fetch me from Quaipo (honestly I wished that he'd fetch me from Taft). So I was there on time and we were not late for the 6pm mass but I was really tense because I hate being late).

My mom gave my other cell phone number (because the sim that I always used was lost) to a company that I applied for. I got their email. However they wanted me to take the medical exam today and start next week. Duh? If I am not employed that would be okay but not now...that is a violation of the Labor Code. Besides I told them I need a month's advise...And I'm angry with my mom...they were calling her and my mom called me yesterday and asked for my number...turned out that she divulged it them. when I thought it was for her use! I am angry at my mom because I told her over the phone that I'd reply to the email after holy week blah blah blah...There! Even if my mom was apologizing I still have some hate.Oh so bad of me...

Then talk 3 for the CLP was What it means to be a Christian. What really made me remember that talk is that God is the king of kings and since we are His children, we are princes and princesses. Ü


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