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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Freedom to a Home

I was really excited about this because it was the first time that I'd be physically present.

GK 777- 700,000 homes, 7,000 communities in 7 years.

June 12, 2005: Freedom Build was being done throughout the nation.

The activity commenced with a celebration of the Holy Mass. Then four houses which have been recently finished were blessed. Coordinators from Gawad Kalinga spoke, as well as the benefactor from Chicago. Mayor Feliciano Belmonte Jr. gave a speech. His major point was, when the government does something to beautify a place, definitely its residents will take care of it. Councilor Inton, the barangay captain and a member of the homeowners also spoke. This is their land. This is their home. I looked up to the sky and saw a rainbow, an indication that this will be a good day, not too hot nor rain will fall.

While all the speeches were being given. Toto, a brother from the same chapter (West B1B UST-Santo Domingo) was reading stories to children.

Before the build we were served with a heavy snack offered by the folks of Tatalon. This consisted of simply pancit bihon, puto, biko and orange juice. I admit those were the best puto and biko I have tasted.

It is almost noon. While the SAGIP kids are having fun, volunteers started to build 10 houses. Hollow blocks were passed from one person to another, since their location is near the SK hall while the future homes are around a 100m away. Work load was light, because aside from the SFC from Wrst B1B, the residents also helped. We had lunch of fried chicken,rice and softdrinks at around 1:30 pm. Then by 2:30 back to work. This time, YFC campus-based came and they were given the hollowblocks while we passed the sand and gravel around. The children were also eager to help so they joined in the line for the gravel and sand. Naturally when they were tired they dropped out of the line. We were done before 4pm.

Even if we don't look that good, we were still happy.

Joe introduced us to some SIGA members. I can say that they have a very good memory when it comes to names.

Well of course I cannot stand looking that bad so before we left we cleansed a little. Then we went to mass at UST from Tatalon. Dyopps was asleep before the mass, since we were too early.

Back home, I felt my muscles ache a little but I feel happier.

My regret? No pictures!

Then it dawned on me that when I was active in YFC campus-based in Los BaƱos, I loved SAGIP. Maybe I should spend time with them again...


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