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The name Ardythe:good war (Anglo-saxon); flowering field (Hebrew); spiritual prosperity (Swedish); Norwegian goddess.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Two Hearts in One Road

I can still remember the first time that you held my hand...we were crossing the street...actually we were jaywalking because we did not use the overpass even if it was already 11pm.

We had our ups and downs, we had fights, misunderstandings and apologies. We had our happiness and laughter.

Yet I chose to stay despite all the darkest hours. Because I love you, and you love me. The past matters, so true, to make us stronger, to learn from our mistakes. I continued to held on...because I believe that in love, we can conquer all.

You asked me...you will finish the race no matter what, and asked me if I will be there at the finish line to congratulate you. I promised I will be there to congratulate you...and I am with you throughout the race.

You have meant to me so much more than I thought of and I love you.


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