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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Excess Baggage?

This was supposed to be published February 2010, but I had some internet connection problems.

I usually travel within the Philippines, like twice or thrice a year, for personal and business purposes. For business, we use PAL since it is required. Perhaps I have become accustomed to having a baggage allowance of 20kg.

My flight last Monday from Davao to Manila used Cebu Pacific Air. I forgot that their allowance is only 15kg. Mine weighed 21kg. I only had Php400 in my wallet. plus an ATM card. The charge is Php100/kg. I still have to pay the terminal fee of php200 since I am in Davao International Airport. The lady at the check-in counter would not allow me to hand carry the other bag even if it weights only 7kg. She said it is too big. Reading the guidelines, PAL has a measurement of 44 inches of hand carry, while Cebu Pacific has no guidelines on such. My other bag measures only 25 inches.

The ATM at the airport is out of order by the way. I had to call friends who would be departing on a later flight to let me borrow money.

I really found it very troublesome and unfriendly.

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