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Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday Excitement...tsk tsk

I bought my Monday uniform cloth last week, since the one that I am using is already not nice in terms of appearance and texture. I had it sewn, so nicely and I got it yesterday. I happily ironed it, even though I hate ironing my clothes. I prepared myself so well for today, like a child, and made sure that my things such as the food samples I collected are ready, my reports and everything. I set my alarm clock at 5am.

Before I became fully asleep, some people were drinking outside and someone was playing with the door.

Morning came, I had a terrible headache, plus my pillows were improperly positioned. I wanted to go to work. So much...but I could not bear the pain. I slept again.

The alarm for my reminders went off, but the pain did not go away.

At 6:30 my sister woke me up and asked why I am still at home. I answered hazily that I was having headache and body pain.

I woke up at past 8am, still feeling sick.

Sigh. So sad. I texted my officemate that I could not go to work. I had a lot to do today: my itineraries, submit reports, study my module for the seminar on Wednesday, submit samples...

Bad day. Hope everything will be fine tomorrow. I already got a body massage to make me feel better. It did, without taking any medicine at all.

Alas, I have no Tuesday uniform. I thought I already bought another one when I bought the Monday's. My Tuesday got burned last August.


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