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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Have You Given It a Thought?

"Bakit mas maraming volunteer sa ibang lugar kaysa sa sariling GK site? Sadness. Wala na nga bang dedication, perseverance and commitment?"

told this to Ching, my sister in SFC. I am referring to our GK site and the GK build in Tarlac. She used to volunteer too. She has gotten too busy now, yet I can count on her everytime I need her during the CYD activities. There are days that I am afraid and alone, yet she and Jean were always there every time I call. We have shared countless memories serving.

Since Melvyn asked me to volunteer for SIGA, all my fears and apprehensions have started to fade one by one. I have seen Joe serve in SIGA before, I have seen how he cried, how he spends (he was very very generous), I have seen his passion, his smile and laughter with them. While I, at that time, was serving in SAGIP, those with children with ages ranging from 7-13. SIGA was for 13-21. Both are counterparts of CFC Kids for Christ and CFC Youth for Christ.

We have teachings, we have concerts, we have picnics and field trips. It was like a regular peer group inclined to God's word, founded on His love.

Tito Boyet and Tita Lyn have asked me what is the status of our site. They reminded me that it's too bad that there are only a few hearts. We were the ones who started the movement in our area, but some have already moved on - married, busy with career, have gone abroad, or simply stopped.

All that I can do now is pray, and maybe, the fire will be rekindled. I have done my part, and still doing it.

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