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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Administrator at Active Dorm

Last September, I paid for an advance and downpayment for a room in Kalimbas St., Sta.Cruz, Manila. It was Php7,000 plus Php1,00 for the electricity.

Upon returning to the building after a few days, I noticed that the floor, the whole floor has no sink,not even a kitchen sink or hand washing sink. A few nights before, my sister said that the stairway and hallways were dark, meaning there was no source of illumination.

With that, we decided to look for another place. Josephine Danganan or Josephine Danganan, was in charge of Active Dorm in EspaƱa. She was also the one handling business in Kalimbas. I talked to her over the phone and she said that it is her first time to do the refunding. However, they would be taking 30% from the Php7,000. She said that the papers would be a long process since they are a corporation. She also assured that we can only get the refund when new tenants will be occupying what we previously planned to rent. Before I put the phone down, I overheard her saying to her companion "buti na lang di ko pa naasikaso." With that, it meant that there was no processing yet for the corporation to file anything or sign anything. The money was with her.

Yesterday I verified if the room that we were supposed to occupy was leased out. It was. After that, I went to Active Dorm and talked with Agnes (who, by the way, on my firt visit, was being scolded by Josephine with taunting words like stupid and others, in a very degrading manner). I talked to her and she asked me to write a note. I wrote my name, objective and contact number.

Until now I have not received any reply.

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