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The name Ardythe:good war (Anglo-saxon); flowering field (Hebrew); spiritual prosperity (Swedish); Norwegian goddess.

Saturday, June 06, 2009


We were watching tv, having a jolly time, even with Melvyn outpouring his loss over the stolen disc lock. The strawberry shake was pure bliss, made from real strawberry puree, with sugar as the only preservative, mixed with crushed ice and bananas.

Out of nowhere, Cathy handed me her engagement ring. She asked me to try them, to feel how does it feel to have an engagement ring. I questioned if that was her wedding ring, then saw her wedding ring on the table. So I tried. It does not fit. She then gave me her wedding ring, which also did not fit. She has smaller hands and fingers than mine. She asked for Melvyn's wedding ring. It also did not fit on mine, since that was bigger.

Thus I could not feel how was it, for the meantime. I will have mine, my very own, perhaps soon.


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