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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

So Many Things, So Little Time

The title may sound too familiar, but that is what I am experiencing right now. I just finished editing On Fire for the third time, which is for printing tomorrow for the SFC Chapter Assembly. I hope that our lay-out artist will be able to do ALL of that. Then I had tons of clients during the day at the office that I was able to finish my itinerary for next week only after office hours. ASnd I was still reviewing a report from the region because there were no requirements when they submitted that in the morning...I even forgot to have my IT signed for changes this week. Duh!

I've been up late since last week's Monday...Carrie's despedida. Wednesday I joined Joe in his upper household meeting, as I was convinced by Raffy, his unit head. Thursday after St. Jude, I did almost all the editing for On Fire, a draft. Friday, CLP. Saturday was MMLA and it was finished at past 10 pm Come to think of it, I ate dinner (as in heavy supper) at MOA at 6pm then they invited us for a meal after MMLA. I got home at past 1am and yes, I was sleepy in the cab with Joe. Monday yesterday was the service team meeting for the on-going CLP and we also had Doland's despedida that Raffy, Doland, Joe and I were eating until midnight...

Yeah, I am very busy that I have not done my essay yet for my masteral at UP Manila. I have to get it done by Saturday. The deadline is on the 31st and my recommendations from my former professors were already filled up since March 1.

So I ask for strength...for good health. Tomorrow will be the chapter assembly and I will be home by 11pm.


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