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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Post scripts

What better way to serve than to be with the people you consider special?

We arrived at the camp site Friday night. We had some discussions regarding service, life, and love. We slept at past 2am!

Saturday morning, no water. We managed to take a bath though, in another house three blocks from the school, which is our camp site.

The night was young but we had a battle to fight. We won with God's grace.
Sunday morning. Still no water. After the activity, we hope to leave by 2pm to attend The Feast. It was not possible since the service team were not yet through cleaning the area. Meanwhile, we played piko (hopscotch), the "puso" version.

It was 5pm when we were able to leave the place. I had to drop my things at his place and he still has to dress up for the mass at SDP. We heard the 6pm mass then went off to our respective household meetings. At 10 pm my household was over. I forgot to text him that it was through so I sent him a message that I was already downstairs. A few more texts and he said that he could not leave his household but I did not react. He came a few minutes later. He got my things and walked me to the jeepney stop. He told me he could not bring me home. I was disapponted but I did not show it. Instead I wished that there would be no ride for me I asked God if 15 minutes is too much. Later, he asked me to take a cab instead and I told him that Meanne was hoping that he'd bring me honme. A few minutes later a cab stopped by and he was with me.

Pray and believe. Ü


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