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Monday, November 20, 2006

Meeting the Family

I was telling him to, and after months, he finally had.

The original plan was for a whole day. But then, things do happen. I was supposed to meet him at 3pm but he asked for 3:30. Yup, I was not pleased at this. Anyway, he arrived early and I was late due to the traffic though I estimated my travel time to be only 10 minutes, that turned out to be around 30 minutes. By 4pm we were on our way. My house was just 20 kms from Manila but we got home around past 6pm. Reason: traffic.

Upon arrival, we had snacks and he met my mother and my younger sister. After a little conversation, we had to hear the anticipated mass. Got home by dinner time and he met my father. My youngest sister was not there.

Though quick, it was definitely fine and he's okay with my parents

So there goes...


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